How to use your night vision device

Hello, In this page, we will teach you a few quick advice on how to use your Night Vision Device - What to do and what not to do, when operating, transporting, storing the devices etc.


For simplicity we will call the Night Vision Device only a Device in this document.


Use the device only within the limits of its purpose - night observation. This will prevent unwanted damage and preserve your warranty against manufacturing defects. When using, follow our instructions on how to use the device correctly and what not to do with it. Also pay attention to our recommendations in this document.


How to use the device:

  1. Check that you have inserted the battery correctly (polarity) and the battery cap is tightened.
  2. Switch on the device (instructions for switching on can be found on the label with each device) with the ON/OFF switch.
  3. Switch off the device in inappropriate lighting conditions.
  4. Switch off the device after each use and store it safely.
  5. Keep the device in a dry and dark environment - switched off.
  6. Keep the device switched on only when in use.


What not to do:

  1. Expose the device to sunlight or other excessive light sources (fire, flashlights, street lights, etc.). Strong light and heat can damage the device even if it is turned off and has a day cap on.
  2. Do not switch on the device in unsuitable lighting conditions - daylight or equivalent.
  3. Don't use excessive force (if something can't be twisted, it probably shouldn't be twisted) and ensure that your device is not dropped on the ground.
  4. Do not disassemble the device or loosen/tighten the screws on it.
  5. Use only - ON/OFF, focus ring, diopter adjust, manual gain, battery compartment on the device.
  6. Do not use multiple power sources (battery compartment and the external battery pack) at the same time - when using a device with a battery pack, remove the battery from the battery compartment of the device.
  7. Do not use any type of rechargable battery for Night Vision Devices.



  1. When using the device, it is recommended to have a sacrificial window and a demist shield on
  2. In case of any problem, contact support. We are here for you and your Night Vision needs!
  3. We recommend checking the tightness and functionality of the device at least once every two years.
  4. Use under water is not recommended - Even if the devices are waterproof, you may have, for example, a poorly tightened battery cap, etc.
  5. We recommend storing the device without a battery

These are the most important things, however, you should always watch out for any kind of danger, that your night vision device can be exposed to.



Your NGS Team.